Thursday, April 16, 2015

Le Siblingss

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Assalamualaikum. Beberapa hari,minggu ni, ternampak la ada mereka-mereka yang post tentang what.. Siblings day. Dem. Aku, no, our sibling is not so called duck-face-selca type. We don't really like taking picture together, except for some event, hari raya ke, hari konvo ke.. What-so-ever. And every one of us is also not selca-type of person. Lemme practice my broken english writing.

My siblings.. Until this age.. Ehem.. Me.. My sista, brothers.. We do share our tshirt and track suits.. Hahaha.. Kindda of weird. pssttt. cause we did share same size.. Hahahaha. We rarely can have time to spend together. Commitment. Can only gather on some, SOME times on semester break. Ehem. Me is the only one that already works. Sista.. Brother. enjoyss studying, I guess.

I do have boyfie-girlfie type of relationship with my brotha. hahaha. I do hold my brotha's hand, when we spend time doing some window shiopping and most of time,people staring and I was like, this is my brotha ok. me got 2 younger brotha. Until now, we still playing some gusti type of game. Hahahaha. my sista and my brotha likess to have gusti tangan game. ouh.. childish. Me like the fact that people will always ask my brotha.. "adik ke?".. Me got that small size type of sista. My brotha most of time, likes to share his secret and I always like being whistle blower in my family. hahaha.. but dem, he will his secret and keep telling me to keep it and he knows.. me will never do it. herherher. *ketawa jahat

My sista, that die hard fan of study. hahaha.. we do share our taste, shopping type of person, but I've no idea, how can she can spend money at the same time,she can really enjoyss shopping.. I mean it. Me? I enjoyss spending money on books. psstt.. KLIBF is coming soon. Me like happy to the moon and back. And my mother is always warn me not spending too much on books. hahaha. *,ketawab lagi jahat

How to describe my sibling. me and my sista is not girly type. we don't put make up, we don't wear high heels. my brotha, they didn't wear ray ban, tak style langsung, but the have that high sense of humor. we do love each other and thats the main thing.

p/s: Nadia, Nazirah, Nazrien, Nasaruddin. we do share our initiial latter. Alhamdulillah.

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