Friday, April 17, 2015


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Assalamualaikum. what makes me cry. for meanwhile, it's my family, my super serious headache, and my cats, I mean my late cats. we focus on my cats.

There was a time, when I do have my lovely cats. they were like my other family members. I was like crazily loving them. Some more, I do have chit chat with them, asking about their girlfriend and what-so-ever. One of my cats do introduced his girlfie to our family. hahahaha.. BUJANG. The one and only bujang in my heart.

But time by time, they left us. Ciko left us without any notice. My one and only younger sista, BLACK died on 5 May 2014, and latest, our BUJANG left us without any notice on 26 December 2014. I don't really had memory with Ciko. One thing about Ciko is I sent his picture to television program and unexpectedly, the show it!! *terharu*But for Black, everybody knows that me love black more than the others. I rarely had a lunch without Black as we do share fish. hehehe.. I always by her side when she had her first baby, her miscarriage baby, accompanied her for about 5 hours. She died after one day I left home, and my father And I went to office with non stop tears. I cried for one week, at night. it HURTS. really hurts.

Bujang, our family's favourite. He really can make us laugh, make us angry and never failed to make us smile. My father really love Bujang as he will wake up even in 3am in the morning, whenever Bujang asked for food. *cried* and I cannot imagine how's my father's feeling when Bujang left us. We are having that sorrow time when all of them left us even my mom said we have to take time to have another cats as loosing them was really hurts.

Whenever I had free time, scrolling their picture, and seriously, I cried.. again and again...

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