Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Soalan !

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Semalam, my boss, a chinese guy asking me.

B: Eh naz, i want to ask you something la
N: Apeeee(nada malas)
B:Auntie Anne
B: What do you think. You akan makan ke?
N: I ada baca, that actually they didn't get the cerificate is because bla.. bla..bla..
    it's not related to the bahan2.
B: Ya la.. tapi takkan sebab nama "Hot Dog"
N: It's actually tak nak bagi kami muslim keliru. U nak makan, makan la. Bagi i,
     as long as u confident, u can eat. Tapi i tak, cuz some question keep going, and i dah jadi
B: Ok, i will keep follow up this issue later ha..
N:ya la.. ya la..
(the conversation lagi panjang, it takes about 15 min)

And i'm glad that my Boss actually take this issue seriously. Sebab? dia selalu ajak makana-makan and always take us, muslim into consideration. Aku, ya, aku yakin yang JAKIM got their own regulation and criteria. Aku ada baca some of comment(it's actually a "karangan" status in Facebook. Some is on Aunti Anne side and vice versa.

Aku bagi 2 situasi, and you can make ur own decison ya.

From JAKIM Side
J: Ok, awak punya lesen ni dh mati.
K: eh encik, baru seminit mati ni!! bagi la saya lepas. (please imagine this guy catch by JPJ on 12.01AM)
J: Eh, ye la.
K: Kan, bagi la saya lepas...
J: hmmmm

what do you think, untuk memandu, kene ada lesen yang sah. Itu perlu. Dan sebab baru je seminit mati, are you being selective on person? lepaskan lesen yang baru seminit mati? What is the difference of being person that the licence just not valid 1 min and 1 month? isn't the same. Same gos to JAKIM, i believe that they have to fulfill all the criteria and the don't want to be selective. Kena adil kan. If not, Others will starts to question. Kan? Just my 2 cents

From Auntie Annes Side
A: What is your name?
B: Jojor James.
A: Are you muslim?
B: Yes, I am?
A: What's with your name. It doesn't reflact your religion.
B: So what with my name. I perform solah 5 time a day, i fast and i just finished my Jumaat Prayer.
A: But your name, will confuse others.
B: so? it doesn't affect all my good deeds,right?

It says that the names actually doesn't affect at all.

Pilihan di Tangan Anda

P/S: I'm not a good person either but obviously, 'm at JAKIM side. Peace!

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